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Wednesday, April 12, 2000

April 23, 2000

"Reasons for living, never come cheap, even your best once put me to sleep..." - Duncan Sheik, Reasons for Living

Today was a good day. A lazy day after yesterday's hectic pace of mi vida loca. *yawn* Yesterday a few friends and I decided to hang out by the pool and drink a few cocktails (to which we ended up in a nice little buzzy haze). After that we ended up at "Las Magaritas" (my new favorite restaurant) for dinner and more margaritas. Dinner was done and it was time for a disco nap at the house. Then we went dancing at the Atlanta Eagle (where they do have some of the BEST music in Atlanta).

Today I hung out with one of my close friends and watched TV and shot the bull for a few hours. Very relaxing day since this week is going to be heck! Got lots of projects that are coming to a head and they have to be done SOON. I might have to put in some overtime this week. :(

A new adventure tomorrow though. I was asked by People Art Productions to model for them. I've never done anything like that and their portfolio is very tasteful. We'll see how things go and I'll report back here!

But now it's time for a little internet fun...might chat or play Unreal Tournament. Dunno, the night is young and so am I!

Till next time


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