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Monday, May 08, 2000

May 8th, 2000

"Ain't going down till the sun comes Ain't givin in till they get enough Going round the world in a pickup truck Ain't going till the sun comes up!" - Garth Brooks

So what a weekend! It started out simple enough with a dinner at Barry's with my friend Tim as a reward for helping out when his basement flooded (see earlier entries) on Friday. We watched "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss" which I'd never seen. I really enjoyed it. It was a really well written gay love story with capable actors I thought. It really spoke a few good notes about our definitions and recognitions of "love" and how sometimes we are surrounded by that which we seek and not even realize it.

So Friday was a good day :) Saturday DAY I went to Town Center Mall in Kennesaw, GA on a quest to obtain an autograph from Majandra Delfino ("Mah-hand-ra" as I was corrected). I think I was one of maybe 4 guys that were there (and she is a hottie...would turn straight for her). It only took about an hour to get through the line and she was very pleasant and personable. I asked her what it was like to live the "teen-dream" and she said it was "Great!". I would have waited longer, but she was supposed to stop at 2:00 and it was already 2:10 when I got there. I didn't want someone NOT to get an autograph. I did ask for more than one and she gladly signed them for me :) I got 2 for me (one large and one small) and one for my best friend Barry. I am going to try and go tonight to get a really nice frame for it at Target.

So Saturday night was a graduation party for my friend Frank that Barry and I went to. He just got his masters from Georgia Tech and we're all proud of him. After the party (and a large margarita) we went to Hoedown's to dance. :) Had a good time (as I always do).

So Sunday was an EARLY morning. Had to have my ass out to Southside Park for a 10:00AM game. We haven't practiced in three weeks which is why we lost both games, but we were playing some really incredible defense! Our problem was with our hitting. I hit the ball each time I was at bat, but they kept pop flying and were caught fairly easily... :(

On the upside, I was in my GAME! I was playing left center and my glove was like a magnet! I only missed on ball (out of like 20) and it was a grounder line drive bounce that I ALMOST had (I know...almost only counts in horseshoes). But I feel really good about my performance on the field. I just have to learn to hit better and I'll be there. I always like to put 110% into my extracurricular activities. If you're not going to get fired up, you don't need to be in the kitchen.

So after the second game (at 12:00PM), I went home, put on my squarecut Alpine swimsuit, mixed up some vodka and sunkist (it's better than it sounds) and headed for the pool. My friends were there and we hung out a bit before they decided to go to CowTippers for lunch. I wanted to get some sun so I stayed behind. So after staring at this really cute straight guy I fell asleep. My friends told me later that night that they yelled at me but I was fast asleep. Luckily I didn't burn! I did get nice and dark though!

So my softball mates told me to go to Hoedown's that night for a beer so I did and had a blast! I wore some cut off shorts and a beach T-shirt. They teased me and called me "Daisy Dukes" (they really weren't THAT short). I can still boogie country western style even in tennis shoes!

So tonight is a new Roswell and I'm going to try and clean the apartment. I took a friend from out of town to see my place and forgot it was a WrEcK. Oops. Need to play some Unreal Tournament tonight also...kick some digital boo-tay!


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