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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Have a Little Faith

I was discussing my situation with an online buddy the other day and he gave me some serious words of wisdom. He told me that he and his partner had gone through the exact same thing early on in their relationship...and they've been together for 8 years now!

He told me that I am an amazing person and that he'll come around. Just let things go for awhile. In order to miss someone, you do have to be away from them. :) Its hard, because I want to knock him over the head and say "Wake up" because I don't think a relationship with me is really THAT scary!

But, I shouldn't have to convince anyone to be with me. Makes me feel like I have no confidence. So I'll invest my confidence in the facts:

I don't hit, I don't smoke, I don't cheat, I try to never be mean, I have my own job and car, and DAMNIT I think I'm a sexy man. Add to that a fun personality and a very caring heart, and I'm almost perfect *hiding as lightning flashes outside* :)

So I hold onto a little faith. When he's ready, all he has to do, is cry for help and I'll be there.


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