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Friday, December 28, 2007

Thought this was too pretty not to share...

This song is set to scenes of one of the BEST game series ever, "Kingdom Hearts". If you haven't heard of IS one of the pinnacles of storytelling (and I would be in the know).

And that song inspired me to get the heck out of the house and get my dance on to bring up my spirits:

Later that night...

So I went to "Wild Mustang" at around 10:30 and it was not busy at all but had enough people that I did dance all night. The director of dance, Lee Fox, from IAGLCWDC was there whom I hadn't seen in quite some time. He told me I should "come back to the fold" as it were and attend more conventions again. I do miss that crowd as they were always very welcoming and friendly. For quite some time they were almost like family...but then I moved on to softball and that was pretty much it for me for the country-western circuit.

I tried this new whiskey called...dammit I can't remember! I guess I'll have to write it down. Anyway, an old dancing buddy, Channing and I commiserated the loss of our boyfriends over a good drink and a few two-steps. His, after four years, so I imagine its harder than my situation. On my way out I saw the guy who kind of precipitated Sean's and my breakup so I did the hardest thing I think I have done and went over to thank him for looking out for me. He said he was sorry and didn't want to cause drama and I told him it was fine and smiled and gave him a big hug.

I left the bar about 12:30, not heading over to the Heretic (a dance bar) for fear of seeing the ex :) (am I a wussy or what?) and the nicest thing happened. This handsome guy, Greg, who I had danced with once earlier in the night followed me out and complimented me on my dancing. I smiled big and we chatted for a minute and then he told me that he thought I had a fantastic physique and told me to save him a dance again. He was the fourth guy that night to tell me that (and on a day when I was feeling a bit "blah")...and that just put a smile in my heart for a bit.

Still foolishly hoping for Sean to wake up. Unfortunately, I heard some stuff through the grapevine so that's probably about the stupidest thing to hope for.


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