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Monday, July 24, 2000

July 24, 2000

How do I feel today? Very good question. I feel pretty good actually. I have a major project at work come to a pinnacle and now I can start to relax (for a day *grin*) before I have to hit the grindstone again. It's kind of nice being one of the big guns in my department, but it also means I can't do everything to the level of quality that I expect from myself sometimes. That bugs me. :)

I'm not anal or anything (shutup), but I do value my work. Guess I'll just have to play circus act and learn to juggle better, you know?

So this weekend was a complete success! The dance team "Southern Line Atlanta" that I do choreography for is really taking off! Got more people interested, we're raising funds (if you're interested in being a donor, let me know *shameless plug*). We had a performance at the SEGRA 2000 ball on Saturday and I couldn't be prouder of the guys and gals that dance on my team. It's like being at Disney. When the universe unfolds and shows you in real life only what in your imagination was but a dream, that's one of those moments in life to live for. It's totally empowering.

It's raining today, which is good since we're in a drought here in Atlanta, Georgia. The weather outside feels so fresh and good. It's almost like summer will never end, but that's just wishful thinking. I would move down to Florida, but I'd miss my beloved Atlanta way too much. This is home for me now.

So my best friend Kyle (I have a few best friends) moved to Las Vegas, Nevada! You know what that means?


Actually, I'm supposed to go and try to visit my friend Virginia in Montana (sounds odd doesn't it?) SOON. Flight tickets are way so expensive. I'm going to have to find a good, fairly inexpensive flight up there because I do miss her so and I've never seen that side of the country before. Anyway, my mom said she'd kick my ass if I went without her :) I'll seriously have to save money to buy us some flights out there. I do wish he had moved to Atlanta. We always did know how to paint the town pink when we were together.

Tomorrow will be a great day. I'll be giving a presentation of our (Georgia Tech's) secure remote access project to the first volley of major users. This was primarily a project to allow off campus users (like students in other campuses) access to GT resources. Sounds easy, but we have a host-based security structure that we can't break. :) (geek speak geek speak geek speak). We're using Checkpoint's FW-1 product with radius to kerberos authentication and internal NAT to accomplish this. It's pretty cool and by the light have I learned alot in the past two weeks. If I keep this pace up, I'll be happy :) I like to learn new things and my job has been staying very interesting. I get to put my hands into lots of projects. Jack of many trades, master of none. But that's FINE with ME. :)

So my dog is asleep, and that's where I should be. I've already stayed up way too late playing "Threads of Fate" the new SquareSoft game. Now I need to read for a bit. I'm reading my EarthDawn manuals again since I want to start up a game soon. Role-playing always sparked my imagination and got those juices flowing. It's also a good excuse to get your friends together for some beer and pizza. :)


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