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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Buy one, get some free!

So, an amusing little story for those faithful readers of my misadventures. :) I am building a new fence at my townhome (yes...I finally got the money! Thanks Laura!) and I am doing it myself. After looking at it, I's not THAT hard to nail a 2x4 to a 4x4x8 post and then attach dogear planks. I built it for $250, contractor wanted $800! I'm in the wrong business!

Anyway, when I went to pick up the supplies at a local home improvement store, I walked in and this latino guy pushing the floor scrubber was kind of cute and smiled at me and I smiled back. During my search for supplies, I would run across this guy and he kept grinning and well that just made me grin back. I found the 4x4x8's and was loading them up into a push cart when he stopped the scrub machine and came over to me and proceeded to ask if I was a contractor (Don't laugh bitches!). He explained (or attempted to explain) that his english wasn't very good (which was mildly cute, but I have enough problems with the english language on my own). But I had work to do and he went back to work. On my way out, I had to pick up some QuickCrete (to set the posts) and he happened to be at the end of the aisle and as I passed him I was having issues steering the cart and joked about how bad of a driver I was and I distinctly heard him say very quickly "Restroom". And I thought to myself, "Did that just happen?" and was like "Time to go!". I mean...I have done some trashy things in my life, but I do have some limits. Who knew that with every purchase of $250 in building supplies you can get an extra 7 inches of uncut wood free? HA! (Addendum: To make this blazingly clear... I did NOT accept this man's offer)

Building this fence has been pretty fun and rewarding, but it has been time consuming. Ugh. I've had to skip the gym twice this week to work on this fence. I want it DONE! Git 'er done! I've been really bad about my gym schedule lately. There are just so many other things I need time to do during the summer. Softball keeps me in decent shape, but since when has any of us gay boys been satisfied with our appearance? :)

On my geek life, I rejoined City of Heroes/Villains and quit playing World of Warcraft. WoW just took too long to do ANYTHING. With CoX, I could get in the game and have some fun for an hour and then leave feeling like I accomplished something. I built a new character (Villain) named "Captain Blackwater". He is magic based and has Dark Blast and Zombie Summoning. So far he's been pretty fun to play. I have to re-learn everything. I did meet up with this guy who I used to adventure with all the time and had a pretty good online friendship. He was like, "Is that you, Strife?" (my old character was named "Strifeline"...still have him which is cool) and I was like "Yeah...who is this?" And he says, "DUDE! It's SHOCK!" *laugh* We met up for a bit and chatted about the good old days. Hopefully I will catch up with him again as he had a wicked sense of humor and was fun to adventure with.

And I did finally go see X-Men 3: The Last Stand and I thought it was pretty darn good. I'm an old skool X-Men reader (quit in about 2000 I to be too expensive). If ever Marvel offers digital downloads for cheaper, I would highly consider doing that. I need to get a group together to play Mutants and Masterminds (a pen and paper RPG) as I miss playing that stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to LOVE City of Heroes! Being a huge comic fan when I was a boy, I was instantly drawn into this game. Sadly, over the repetitive missions, I lost interest.

Funny thing is. After I read your post about City of Heroes, they sent me an email telling my account was reactivated for the weekend. Did you have something to do with that? LOL.

Anyway, I have never played pen and paper games but I am not totally unfamilar with how they work, etc. If you ever do get a group going, I would love join up. Feel free to contact me via email at doug at dougahill dot com.

7:37 PM


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