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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Softball...the cult...(and other sundry tales)

So I haven't updated ya'll in awhile, and for that I apologize. I have been sucked yet again into "Softball Land" :) Not complaining though. I LOOOOVE me some "Softball Land" :) In fact, so much that I joined a church league to get some extra games in on Friday. Mom was floored, she knows I'm not an avid church goer having been turned off the whole thing by catholocism (in reality my Dad). But I have my own belief system of sorts which I have discussed in previous blogs I think...won't bore you with that here.

So playing with the Briarlake Baptist Church league is very different than playing with HSL. For starters, they generally don't need a cutoff (I'm playing shortstop with them too) since they have freaking cannons for arms and most of the real "outs" come from pop flies into the outfield. These guys are definitely a lot of fun to play ball with and I'm learning a few things as I play.

We're still in "exhibition" games with my other team, "Woofs Wackers" and everyone is gunning to take us out since we've been the number one team for three years now (I wonder how this year will play out...). That is fine...bring it, bitches :) We have fun no matter what!

Speaking of games, the Wackers played two games on Sunday (won both BTW) but a funny thing happened that morning...I put in my contact and thought I scratched my eye. I couldn't see clearly out of my right eye!!! So my eye was uncomfortable, and I had to play since we were at a team minimum to play so I just focused during those games like CRAZY. I was so focused on the ball I should have been able to move it with my mind! Thankfully, I played quite well, had a few good plays and only messed up the first game's batting. When I got home I decided to change into glasses and went to take the problem contact out first...but once I did...I found out I COULD SEE! I stared deeply into the mirror, moved my finger around my eye and found a second contact in my eye! Apparently when I opened the new pack there were TWO in the case that I had shoved in my eye! Damn...if I can play that good with murky vision...hahahhaha!

I do love posting funny AIM conversations and here is another one:

(13:43:57) *Friend1:* what's with all these $ problems?
(13:45:03) *Neon:* lol
(13:45:06) *Neon:* Nothing
(13:45:11) *Neon:* I just want to party like a rockstar!
(13:45:24) *Neon:* ROCK F-ING STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(13:45:26) *Friend1:* yes you do... on a karaoke budget

ROTFLMAO! :) But I have had to shell out some serious dough as of late. Air conditioning repair, car tag, alarm system, and an extra car payment (because I screwed up in January with auto-payments). I am saving money (I'm shocked as to how much) by bringing my lunch to work and not eating out during the week. I ain't po...but I am determined about trying to get to $0 debt...but I dug myself slightly deeper by buying a TV from some of my best friends (who were getting rid of it anyway).

But it's FABU! :) And by FABU I mean "holy sheep shears, Batman...that's a big TV" :) It's a 50" DLP and it's FINE to play video games on too :) Now I have to get my old 35" Tube Sony to my Mom. She laid claims to that so I cannot sell it. *sigh* :) But she's good to me and deserves it. I mean...she has to put up with me right?


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