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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Busy Days and Lazy Days

So for the past two weeks I have been such a lazy-butt! Had to take off the gym because of some softball injuries (they weren't healing...but are better...not Add to that me going on an eating binge and I feel like a cow.

At least at work I had a medium level of stress (two major projects due at the same time) and was burning some extra calories there. I was pretty tired though...would come home, take a nap, wake up, eat, pop an Ambien, and then go back to bed :)

But I got OFF my butt this weekend and played my last game of softball with the church league I joined (I'll miss those guys...but at least we went out on a win!). It was a pretty good experience all around. I don't often interact with that many straight people at one time and it felt good to do. I think sometimes we (as a community) separate ourselves out from the rest of the Universe. I think its then when people don't get the opportunity to know us as individuals for our strengths and personalities. I'm not really an activist because I believe the most important changes are down at the personal level.

But this weekend we were off from HSL (my "regular" softball league) so I took the opportunity to get a bucket of chores done:

And add to that I decided to paint my Condo Association's signs this weekend (out of the kindness of my heart) because they looked CRAPPY :)

Now I have a mountain of laundry to put away (that's been in a pile for like 4 days now) but I think I'm going to procrastinate on that some more (hahah!).

I did give my number to this guy on Friday on MySpace and he replied with "Great, I'll put it in my phone and call you sometime". Well he hasn't called this weekend and I am feeling somewhat "not interested" anymore. I mean...hey...if I'm not interesting enough to call sooner, then obviously he isn't that interested. I don't want to be a convenience, I feel I should be a "want". *grin*


Blogger Jason said...

LOL....that guy must have been deaf, dumb, and blind to have not called. I can see waiting a few hours, maybe overnight...but damn.

You'll probably see my friend Branden before I do, so say "hi" to him :) I'm still in Africa!

9:05 AM


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