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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm a lesbean!

LOL :) So...lots has happened recently. Some of it is good (wonderful in fact) and some of it's bad. The wierd thing about both of them is that they involve HOT things.

So first the bad. I am in pergatory. Oh yes. *sweat* The air conditioner inside evaporator coil is BROKE! And it's going to be a full two months that I will be and continue to be without air. I could have it two weeks sooner, but at an additional cost of $700. I'm already forking out and arm and a leg (and yes it IS disrupting my life) but I figure I can wait the two weeks and be a cheap ass LOL :) I'd rather save that money and put it torwards my mounting VISA bill you know? My friend Danny and I installed a window unit into the bedroom (thankfully) so it's at least bearable.

I was naughty however and bought myself a Nintendo DS Lite because I was like, "If I'm going to have to spend so much time in that room (and not be masterbating) then I am at least going to have a new toy. HA! But it's a cool little device. Very fun to play. :)

The second thing I have to report is that I am off the market. OH. MY. UNIVERSE. Granted, it's only our 2nd week, but he totally digs me (glowies and all) and I totally dig him. He's a really REALLY fun and sweet guy, and we are just about perfect for each other I think. It's a bit daunting entering a new kind of mentality of actually seriously dating someone since I haven't done that in SO long (November 2005 was the end of my last one). I am glad that it appears my friends approve of him (because he's so dang cute) and that is really important (and telling) to me (the part about my friends...although him being so dang cute is a definite bonus!).

He's told me once that he thinks that I might be "the One", which with me being "Mr. Defensive Realistic", I keep telling myself (and him) "We'll see". But then again, isn't that the exciting part (besides the amazing sex) of any new relationship? Seeing how the parts mesh, learning all the ups and downs and how similar and different we are?

I do however, feel like that point in Peter Pan when Tinkerbell is dying and you have to clap and say "I do believe in faries!"...

Except in my case...I'm clapping and saying, "I do believe in love!". So as you read this (seriously) clap for me and my new guy and say those words for yourself. With all the problems that this world has to offer, we could all use a little faith.

*clap clap clap* ;)


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