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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Brief Interlude

I have been CRAZY busy with additional contract web work as well as remodeling my kitchen:

I built all the drawer covers and cabinet doors myself...just have to finish painting now.

BUT, before I recount Sean and my misadventures in Europe (and yes...there are quite a few), I would like to tell a much simpler story...a very true story.

So imagine yourself in a meeting...a very LARGE meeting at a prominent Internet company. You are in a lecture hall at the podium giving a presentation on something or another and a little instant message comes across the screen from a friend that says: "Look at my new husband....SMOKIN!" and then you friend includes this image (that pretty much fills the entire projected screen):

All front of a couple of hundred people in their suits and ties trying desperately to glean the content from your PowerPoint slides.

Oh yes...the Glow-Go-Boy was the entertainment of the hour during that particular PowerPoint presentation. And who perpetrated this humorous little incident? You get one guess! That's (sexy) gremlin of a boyfriend, Sean. I think he's still laughing about it even 24 hours later!

Let that be a lesson to you ladies and gentlemen...when giving a presentation...turn off your AIM never can predict what you might get! ROTFL!


Blogger OreamnosAmericanus said...

He may be a gremlin, but he's right...smokin'! :-)

7:35 PM


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