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Sunday, January 06, 2008

HAHAHAH! I'm hearing...RED

What a freaking idiot I am! So I moved my spare 32" Sony WEGA TV into the bedroom to watch TV at night (I need distractions nowadays) and I kept hearing this static. What was odd was that it got worse when there was something red on the screen.

So I figure there is some kind of interference in the speaker and the tube was causing it to static. I went to Best Buy and to Target to look for a set of speakers. What I found was an RCA adapter to hook up to my computer speakers and to use those.

When I went to install this new cable, I found I had plugged the RCA audio cables (white and red) into side by side slots. The white one on the L and the red one...IN THE RGB (component - red) out! Both of the outputs are red...but I just had to laugh at myself (out loud even!).

So in the end, when the video red would activate, it would sent a signal to the speakers! The more red...the more static!

So I made myself visit this web page. [Link]


Blogger Doug said...

I love it. I am not thinking clearly these days either and it's good to know I am not the only one have blond moments.

10:01 AM


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