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Friday, April 24, 2009

Life, Love, and Sappiness

Summer. OH MY GOSH I AM SO fracking glad! I was about OVER all the winter wonderland weather (freezing my ass off). Today it is supposed to be 80-degrees and I can NOT be happier.

Lots has gone since I've been bad about blog updates! Let's start off with the more "interesting" things.

Well for starters, we had our house burglarized. We were out at dinner and cocktails with a few friends when we got a call from the Alarm company. Sean dashed home (as I stayed and paid the bill). Our friends dropped me off at the house and I find the front door kicked in, my Nintendo Wii on the floor and our new-ish 42" Westinghouse LCD TV GONE! *gasp* How am I supposed to watch Battlestar Galactica and Lost? Grrrr...add to that Sean's laptop with some *cough* very personal videos on it. I guess I can't run for senator now...:)

*sigh* We found out last week that they at least caught one of the guys. Thankfully we weren't home because this gang of thugs already had killed one guy. All I can say to that is, "Get your own toys, bitches!"

Softball season has started and MAN is it wierd. First of all, my team has moved up divisions to play in the C Division. We are 1:1 so far and held our own against another newly moved C team. It'll be really interesting when we play the more senior C teams.

Sean is playing this year :) Yay for my man! I think I enjoy watching him run back and forth between the dugout and the outfield way too much. There's been a little drama for him, but I think it may get sorted out. We'll see.

I took a big step in our relationship when I moved my computer rig into Sean's house. I mean, what's the point of having a quad-core, 4GB, kick ass gaming rig that you never get to use because it's at your other house? It's nice to have :) Been playing some "Left 4 Dead" while Sean plays a few games I bought him on the PS3. He's getting pretty good at a few of them. He's turning into a casual gamer (which is one of the most promising gaming markets right now).

This weekend, we are going to attend the 2009 Inman Park Festival and I hope to have some pictures (yes, I will be updating this blog soon) with some funny stories perhaps.

Ah, well. Gotta get back to work and finish a few things so I can get the frack out of here!


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