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Thursday, February 21, 2008

One of the (many) things I love about Sean...

One of the things I love most about Sean is that his grasp of the English language is sometimes...suspect? :) Most times, I just let it go in one ear and get reprocessed into whatever it is I think he's saying (or is that what I WANT him to be saying? HA!) But it's definitely one of the things that makes me smile :)

(01:53:52 PM)
Neon: tee hee, I like Rick Astley
(01:54:08 PM) Sean: * eye roll *
(01:54:21 PM) Neon: HEY
(01:54:29 PM) Neon: don't make fun of my diva
(01:54:34 PM) Neon: hahahhaa
(01:55:43 PM) Neon:
(01:57:12 PM) Sean: He is soo day
(01:57:13 PM) Sean: gay
(01:57:37 PM) Neon: well NOW...but back in the 80s...he's actually one of the few billionaire's left from that musical era
(01:58:30 PM) Sean: All the information I need
(01:58:53 PM) Neon: but I have even MORE facts about the fabu Rick Astley I need to share!
(01:59:44 PM) Sean: Save it for later..
(01:59:51 PM) Neon: gym conversation tonite
(02:00:05 PM) Neon: You will be ENTHRALLED with my knowledge!
(02:01:02 PM) Sean: I wait with Baby's breath
(02:01:22 PM) Neon: sometimes...your usage of the English language scares me :)
(02:01:35 PM) Sean: "boo"
(02:01:37 PM) Neon: Baby's breath is like a flower...
(02:01:50 PM) Neon: used as accents most often in bridal bouquets
(02:01:54 PM) Sean: Baited breath
(02:01:58 PM) Neon: baited ;)
(02:02:04 PM) Sean: That was a typo
(02:02:10 PM) Neon: I AM LAUGHING SO Fing HARD
(02:02:11 PM) Sean: ;_0


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