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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kind of makes you wonder...

So. I just found out one of my coworkers died this past weekend. After I found out, I saw that he was still logged into instant messenger...

"I'm not here right now" kind of sticks out doesn't it? He was a good man and very good to me, both professionally and personally. Always asked about my dog, laughed with me over my gay jokes. Always had a smile on his face.

He was young too...early 30's. Don't really know what happened. Teared up a little bit because I know I'll miss him. When I decided to turn my thoughts to work to forget about it for awhile, I turned on my internet radio and the VERY first song (and it had JUST started) was Madonna's "Like a Prayer". I looked upwards and said out loud, "Very funny, Justin.", and chuckled briefly. Maybe coincidence...maybe one last smile for me from him.


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