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Monday, May 05, 2008

The Big Show

Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting for your entertainment purposes for one day only...a BLOG UPDATE! *gasp*

Yes, yes, I know. I have got to be more consistent with these things! But I have been running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to help Mr. Sean with his new house. Important things like arguing over drapes, building a concrete platform for the air conditioner, and going on more trips to Home Depot than to a bar.

I have to admit, I have said before "If being in a relationship were easy, everyone would be in one." and mine is no exception. It's not really hard, I have a great guy who puts up with all MY crap, but it seems you have twice the amount of stuff to do sometimes! :) Thank the Universe, I LOVE being busy!

We had Sean's house warming party about three weeks ago and let me tell you, that boy is CRAZY! I remember coming in one evening and he's standing with a bucket in the sink filling it up with water. I raise an eyebrow and hesitantly asked, "Umm...what are you doing?" to which he happily replied, "I'm going to mop the floor." I loudly said, " do NOT mop a hard wood floor with Polmolive!" I'll never forget his response...

"But soap is soap is soap! Why not?!?! What the heck am I supposed to use?"

Thank the Universe he is so cute!

But the biggest "discussion" and I use that term lightly, was about getting some draperies hung in the livingroom. There were a variety of reasons why I really wanted to get some. Home security for people NOT to see what he has on the inside and decide to rob it...having some privacy when he decides to paint naked at 2AM in the morning ;) It was more playful than arguing about whether or not we needed them, but finally I found some that were within his price range. As most of you know, draperies are NOT cheap. I found some amazing red embroidered panels on closeout from Pier 1.

[ picture here ]

We even had to ask his parents and my sister to look for a panel at the Pier 1's around them! After a total of 5 stores and 3 states, we have a full set for the livingroom/diningroom and I have been told at the housewarming that they are fantastic!

Now...the housewarming is a completely different story...

The funniest thing was the day before the party, we were going over a checklist of things that had to get done on our last day.

"Plastic Cups?"
"I got that covered."

Knowing this man of mine like I do, I peered at him and asked, "Let's see what you got?" and he proudly went to the cabinet and pulled out two bags of Tostitos and some salsa.

That's it.

I turned away, picked up a notepad and asked, "What's my budget for food? I mean...these queens may not eat the food, but it's social suicide if you don't have any there!"


This past weekend we were the backup dancers for my new roommate in the 2008 Miss Hotlanta Softball Pageant. Since I spend a good number of days at Sean's house I figured that I could give up my spare bedroom and rent it out to a buddy of mine who I trust and who needed a place to live. He basically has this place to himself on the weekends and it will help me pay off my teeth! But the show was pretty good! I mean, for only practicing maybe 4 hours and having to get some help from one of Sean's friends at the last minute...we had a blast and got a good laugh! We did kind of a "western theater" to Miley Cyrus' "See You Again" that Sean turned me on to a couple of weeks ago.

This weekend is really really packed what with his parents coming into town and he has a friend from up north in visiting. I decided at the last minute to play in the softball tournament this weekend so I'll be running around doing that.

I'll try and take some pictures as I can throughout the weekend!


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