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Monday, August 01, 2005

Lazy Lazy Little Blogger

I know! I know! You're clamboring for the next installment in my misadventures! So where were we? I had just gotten back from a trip to Baltimore...

So let's get back to softball for a minute (since that is what has absorbed my life yet again)...after some minor dramatics, our league has decided to send us (yet again) to the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series. That's right kiddies! A whole week of a thousand jocks and not enough time ;) This will be my third trip to the Gay Softball World Series (my first playing at shortstop) and this year it's in fabu San Diego, CA! Never been there so am looking forward to going! Universe knows I need a week off of work!!! (today has been heck!)

I almost didn't get to go to the GWS because my Mom got put in the hospital for some odd chest pains and dizziness which they initially thought to be angina (which could be a precursor to a heart attack). Well that started freaking my sisters out and they were making contingency plans to work on what to do with Mom and they said I needed to cancel those plans. Well I kind of freaked myself because she was going to have additional tests done and I had been playing for 5 hours in the 105degree weather and it was NOT a good time to have this discussion (Needless to say I said a few things to my sisters I regret). BUT it all came out fine in the wash as Mom just had some internal bleeding caused by an ulcer and something else (I forget).

Once that was straightened out I headed back up north to Hanover, NH (to Dartmouth) to give a presentation and attend a security (PKI) conference. The city was very quaint, but not alot for this gay boy to do besides have a few beers and read over "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" (because I had forgotten so much I felt if I didn't I'd be lost in the 6th book). I didn't have alot of time outside of the conference (they had us pretty booked) but I did wander around in the evenings looking in closed shop windows and strolling around their campus.

Returned home to be instantly engrossed in softball fundraising, practices, and the like. The most fun was the Wackers Garage Sale this past weekend. Spent most of Friday night getting stuff into DG's garage and pricing and sorting. Saturday at 7AM came WAY too early (ugh!). Around 10:00AM they brought out the Bloody Marys (but I settled for some vodka and cran) and by about noon I think I was drunk! LOL :) Well I stopped drinking because I had to skeedadle at 2 to go make a meeting with the softball board. Got home, said to myself "I can take a quick nappie and sober up" so I went to the ZZzz...

LATE! EEP! FRELL! I didn't have my material printed I couldn't find my keys, it was just a disaster and I was an hour late. I did honest up and tell them what happened and they said it was OK. I get very embarrassed when I am late for something important (especially since it was my fault). After that I went back home and DG and LD called and we worked out going out on the town (since it is RARE that DG ever wants to go out we just HAD to ;). So that evening we started at Woofs and then shot over to Swinging Richards (a male strip club) where I put a few dollars in a few boy armbands, and then we were a bit snookered (again! OMG!) and proceeded to the Heretic to dance it off. I had fun at the Heretic but we had an early practice so I retired about 2:00AM.

And needless to say, after practice at 9:00AM I pretty much alternated between sleeping and finishing up Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

So I'm SO looking forward to the World Series this year. I really hope we do well. I have been doing heavier cardio training and will continue to do so until the Friday before we leave.


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