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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

And the Saga of the Kitchen (Episode III) Begins

Trying to finish up the day at work (and you really can't start anything at 4:45) so I decided to update this blog. Life has been continuing along it's path relatively quietly as of late :) Hey...even "I" am surprised about that.

I did manage a couple of trips up to Rock Hill, SC to visit Arkansas Man. I brought up "where things stood" one night just to know where we stood. With the potential for another LDD (long-distance-disaster LOL) he said things were basically still casual. I can honestly say I was a tiny bit disappointed, but later I kind of laughed it off and thought "What are you thinking anyway?" I do think he's pretty cool tho. Have a good time together and there's really no pressure. I guess things will progress where they will. I think it's human nature to want to know how the story ends. *grin* Where's my damn crystal ball? (I can only find my disco ball!)

But now I have destroyed my kitchen and have a major project on my hands. I stripped all the wallpaper off the walls (that took about 3 days or so) and now I've selected the paint colors and I'm concerned I am going too dark! The cabinets are going to be black and the walls are going to be a deep wine color. Great thing about paint (and boyfriends) can always back up from a mistake! I'm willing to take the risk and see how things develop. (Sounds like my romantic interests too LOL!)

Softball has been on hold due to a couple of weeks off and a rain out. We have some EAAAARLY games this Sunday (ugh) but I have a party with my gaybor's this Saturday that I'm looking forward to just stumbling home (two doors down).

I was BAD and purchased a new Apple iPod Mini Blue (6GB). I have the 1GB iPod shuffle but I am finding that I need playlists. I figure this way I can listen to quiet music every once and awhile. I also have a few albums I want to listen to while walking around. Hopefully I have someone that might want to buy my shuffle from me to help pay for the expense of the new mini.

While up visiting Arkansas Man, I did find a new pair of black dress sandals I like and I bought a new PSP (PlayStation Portable) game, "Untold Legends". Somehow I'm doing pretty good on cash at this stage in the month. I'm curious what bill I forgot! LOL :)

I have volunteered to be the "Volunteer Coordinator" for an upcoming softball tournament here in Atlanta. I figure I'm good at being bossy so why not put that skill to good use? :) I'm sure there will be a big update after that event.


Blogger Clayton Kroh said...

I helped make Untold Legends ;) You can see me listed in the credits (at least I should be there!), probably way down--look for Clayton Kroh! What'd you think of it?

4:44 AM


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