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Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Fortnight Goes By

So True Believers, it's been awhile since I updated everyone about the twists and turns my rollercoaster of a life has been taking.

I'll start out by talking about a boy. A boy we shall call "Arkansas". So apparently not learning my lesson from Alabama, I am pursuing an ongoing friendship with this guy from Arkansas. After talking every day for three weeks, he dropped down on Friday to spend the weekend with me :) Having spent most of the week cleaning up a little every day, the house was in FINE shape. Clean floors, clean kitchen, and washed bedsheets.

Well thank goodness I lucked out and the boy was as cute as he was online. :) You know how it is...sometimes the digital representations don't quite measure up...well this one did. We spent most of the first night having dinner, chatting, and watching two movies, doing the general "get to know you" things. I had a great time and really enjoyed spending time with this guy.

Saturday morning I snuck out of bed to go to softball practice (at 9AM) and was excited to get back to hang out with Arkansas. We met my friend L at Roasters for lunch and then proceeded to bore him with softball talk LOL :) Afterwards, I suggested a walk in the park and lo and behold, the Dogwood Festival was going on that weekend. We walked and looked and walked and looked at so many creative art pieces, I think the side of me that was analyzing how I could make some of these things got overloaded. He suggested we move on as he'd seen enough art for one day (LOL) and the crowd, though fun, was grating. I had to agree so we moved on to a visit to our ecclectic part of town Little Five Points.

In LFP we needed a break so decided to settle in at the Yaght Club for a quick beer and some queso and chips. It was a relaxing time as we took bad pictures of each other with our camera phones. After that we went home, took a nap, then suited up for a few drinks at the Red Chair and then a quick stint at Hoedowns. I had to be on prime for the next day's games, and we had been walking all over Atlanta that day, so I was met with no complaints when I suggested we hit the road.

Sunday played two good games and I had my new "softball wife" (as his friends called him when he mentioned where he was on his cel phone) in the bleachers. Unfortunately the time for him to get back to Rock Hill came and I watched him drive away.

The next day he calls and said "You know I kind of miss being around know how you get used to being around someone and when they aren't notice" and I was like "awwww" inside. :) *happy Snoopy dance*

So the next weekend my Mom was coming into town so we couldn't really plan anything and he was going to Raleigh to hang with some of his friends. Mom's visit was pretty standard, she's not moving as well as she used to and that has me worried. But she held up going around the Discover Mills mall well and she was glad of that.

So I have been in Washington, DC this week at a conference on cryptography technologies and some of the research and development involved. There were some papers that were interesting, but not relevant, and a few that were REALLY interesting and promising that I am going to get some more information on. (geek alert...geek alert).

I am looking forward to this weekend off of softball so I can go visit Mr. Arkansas, and we do talk every day. I'm washing my clothes right now so I just plan on putting the suitcase from the taxi trunk to the beetle trunk and hitting the road right off.

I have been spending time with some of my straight friends or just wandering around the town at night grabbing a Jack and diet periodically. I would be out shopping now but it is raining and since the conference ended earlier this morning, I am tempted to take a nap for awhile hoping it will stop so I can go find something unique from the city. Weather permitting, I am going to try and get down to the monuments this evening (around 4 or so maybe) but it's cold. Arkansas has never been to DC so I suggested that possibly we can come up sometime and he thought that would be a fun time. It's not too bad to get a flight from Atlanta to DC and now I know where to stay (this place is amazing and stumbling distance from the bars

Ahh...almost forgot! We played the number two and three teams in our division. Was a tough game the first game, and we were down by quite a few points but came back and spanked them. The second game? Well I believe someone said "can we have a weekend without drama?" LOL! As it was, we were neck and neck, went into overtime and had to do the "International Run Rule" where each team gets a man on 2nd base to start the inning with. Talk about pressure with me playing at shortstop! Thankfully, with great focus and killer teamwork, we stopped them from scoring any runs...and then it was our turn... After some arguing over who had to go to second, we subbed out our Lady Wacker for our smallest (and faster) team member. With my friend L up to bat, he hit a beautiful pop fly out to right center. It was caught and our 2nd base runner tagged up and advanced to home winning the game for us! YAYYYYY! Phew phew phew!


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