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Thursday, May 26, 2005

I am SO pissed right now.

BUT what was said by someone in a drunken haze...but you know...those times are usually when your true feelings come out.

It's really sad that people don't understand altruism. They can't see outside the "what's in it for me" box. Karma is one do good things and create positive energy and good things will flow back into you. My life is a prime example of the truth in this.

Too bad not everyone is on my level. Perhaps that's part of the dilemma of faith that I seem to be having lately. I have lost faith in people. I think I lost faith a long time ago and just didn't realize it.

I'm tired and I have one hell of a weekend (Hotlanta Softball Challenge 2005) that I need to be in ship shape for.

Too bad it might be tarnished by a thoughtless comment from a selfish person who just doesn't understand me or why I do things and sometimes even the very things I do.

Vague I know...I'm just not prepared to get into it right now.


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