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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Mr. Hotlanta Softball Pageant

SO...yours truly was the default "Mr." contestant for our team (no one else really wanted to do it) so I got up on stage and attempted to strut what stuff I have. :)

I did get a few "gosh, I didn't know all that was under there" and quite honestly I had a couple of green apple martinis so things weren't quite registering in my noggin ANYWAY. I did get to flirt with Kyle from the Talons (who is a total hottie to me) and his little (stress on the "little") fantasy wear outfit had me rolling. It was basically a thong with a little UPS box holding his...well...his package. ROTFL :)

Looking back on that, it was kind of a non-event. Worthwhile from the perspective that IF (big if) my softball team goes to the Gay Softball World Series, we will get a cut of the profits from that show. I would freaking LOVE to play shortstop in the GSWS as it would be a considerable challenge!

SO the kitchen is almost done (gotta take pictures tonight!). I have a little wiring work to do (new outlets and wallswitch) and then I can start paying off my credit cards.

The ex asked to go to dinner so it should be an interesting Thursday evening. I have pretty much avoided that bump on the road of life for a bit so it's probably time to mend a few fences and put some closure on it.

Arkansas is still around but he mentioned the other day that his next contract job could be in Wyoming or Colorado. That sucks in a way, but I think that I had actually prepared for that possibility (knowing that is what his job IS). I'm excited he's coming down for Atlanta PRIDE in two weeks and I am taking him to the Atlanta Symphony to hear Dear Friends: Music from the Final Fantasy Series. And then we have a pool party at DG's house on Saturday and Pride @ the Park later that day possibly and on Sunday we have a Brunch before the big parade. A busy weekend indeed!

The rest of this week should be pretty quiet and Universe knows it needs to be. I pulled something in my back sleeping last night and it is KILLING me. The dang sauna at the gym was being cleaned so I didn't get to use it to try to alleviate whatever the heck is wrong so I guess it's a beer and a few ibuprofin tonight :)


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