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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another day in paradise!

So the weather here in the ATL isn't so bad this year. It's so temperate as to be almost scary. Softball season preparations have started up and I am behind because I have to wait on people to get off their butts to get me information. As my coaches of my best qualities is that I give 150% all the time...but that it's also one of my worst qualities because I always expect that of other people.

And that is totally true. I don't want to change the "me 150%" and part of me wonders if I MUST change the "other people 150%". I guess I should in order to avoid being continually disappointed *laugh*. I do get comments all the time like "geez, you are involved in so much" but my life has always been like this and I know no other way. I like to be active. Lord pity the fool that decides he wants to date me (although I feel I would definitely make time for him...I haven't had to in so long tho...could be quite an adjustment).

But the homestead improvements have been going well. This fireplace is taking FOR-FREAKING-EVER. I'm finally able to start grouting the top (which is a bit hard) as you can see from this picture:

It's pretty interesting having to pull out all of my MacGuyver Technology (tm) abilities just to get this done. But having all this experience on this particular job will make it extremely satisfying when it's done!

Didn't play pool this week (we had a "by week") but I am hoping to get some practice in before our next games. I just really want to finish the fireplace first.

No boys to speak of (another dry spell) so no juicy tidbutts to share with ya'll. But with softball season up and coming, we'll see...


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