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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gay World Series Entry #1

Wow. It has been an AMAZING week so far. So Sunday night were the GWS Opening Ceremonies. Having been to three GWS so far I can honestly say that though the venue was amazing (sponsored by Viejas casino) the show was totally lame. I guess I expected alot this being San Diego, but geez.

So we left the show early and went to register. Of couse I garnered quite the attention wearing my scrolling LED message belt I had configured to say "Team Atlanta" :)

We were still feeling a bit jet lagged and we had games in the morning so we just went to bed. Exciting night huh?

Well Monday morning came early as about 3AM we ALL woke up at the same time and someone finally said "Are you awake?" and we chorused "yes". LOL :)

So how did our first game go? Well...can you say "total disaster"? :) We were SO hyped up and nervous and just a bundle of nerves. It was as if we were possessed by kindergardeners trying to play softball.

We were sorely disappointed needless to say. But we had a team pow wow afterward and discussed why we felt we lost and pretty much it was just the self imposed pressure. The games were running an hour late and we ended up eating dinner at like 10:00PM. I hate hate hate eating so late. After dinner we had a "team bar night" at this bar called Baccius. It was a little tiny bar and there was NO one there pretty much other than my team. So far the nightlife of this little California town leaves much to be desired.

The next day we had late games yet again. However, we were loose, a little more confident and ready. Were we ready? Oh yes...oh yes we were. :) After a mild start, we found our mojo and things started flowing like clockwork. And we ONE point. Our second game started as the orange sun settled on the horizon. There were a few trees against the backdrop of the sun, thankfully. I had to position myself further left and down than I'm used to in order to be able to see. It could have been really nasty if I hadn't been able to do that. My coaches decided during my batting, that I was to be subbed out since my bat hasn't been on all week (hopefully I can remedy that today). He asked me if I was OK with this and I said, "I don't care. I came to win and if that's going to do it, do it." We were perfectly matched perfectly matched that we tied LOL :)

So today (Wednesday) the actual double-elimination tournament begins. From here on in, every game counts. We got seeded 13th out of 26 teams so we are SMACK dab in the middle of the pack. I've gotta start getting ready now so hopefully I'll have some goodness to report upon my return!


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