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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pre-Gay World Series Day #2

So we arrived safely in San Diego after a long long long flight. One other of my teammates, SO, and two of our coaches were on my flight. I sat next to this woman who giggled with me all the way through watching "Moster In Law" with J-Lo and J-Fo (which I had never seen). Luckily I had plenty to entertain me (my PSP, a book, my iPod) during what was (to me) a pretty dang long.

We had left Atlanta at 8:30AM and after the flight, it was only 9:30AM San Diego time! Eep! Our coaches had rented a car so they offered us a ride to the hotel, but it was WAY too early to check in so my team's token lesbian SO and I decided to walk around and eat lunch. We trolled around for quite some time, ran into some friends, had a cocktail (I'm really into Maker's Mark now) and then went back to the hotel to check in, take a disco nap, and then off to dinner at this Thai place in Hillcrest.

After a night of me drinking WAY too damn much, we awoke and met up with friends to tour the San Diego Zoo. It was pretty cool, but nothing earth shattering. In a way I was a bit disappointed.

But now we're back from dinner and we have to have a team meeting in an hour before we go to opening ceremonies.


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