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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 all its craziness :)

So I was having a discussion with one of my online buddies about his desire for a new puppy and here's the discussion that I thought was too funny not to post!

(13:30:10) Friend1: But honestly, lately I'm more excited over a puppy than a man.
(13:30:29) Neon: kewlies :)

(13:32:53) Friend1: And I can take her walking in the park at lake Eola. CUddle with her at night and she won't care what I look like orthe kind of person I am. Ahhh, perfect love.
(13:34:40) Neon: lol, lord you are just about codepedant
(13:34:43) Neon: :)

(13:36:00) Friend1: Shut up! I deserve perfect love from something other than an amoeba

*laugh* I know how he feels sometimes...(for maybe about five seconds *tee hee*)

So this week has just about FLOWN by. For MLK holiday weekend I was up in the house working on my new mantle for the fireplace. I only completed the shelf and the mortar and tile, but here is a picture of my efforts so far:

SO the above is how I spent most of my weekend, but I'm fairly proud of it having never attempted a project like that before. I'm not so much afraid of doing that anymore...

But Tuesday night (last night) we had pool league (billiards) and for the first time I actually WON my match! I won 2-1! (yay) I was playing against a player of equal skill so it was a fun game. I never felt totally fucked (like when you are playing an awesome player) and we both made some mistakes so I do feel like I did well. I just have to get off my ass and practice some more. But one of my teammates offered to play with me outside of our team night so I plan on taking her up on that.

Stayed out WAY too late last night and just could not get up and was late into work. Ugh. I got through work (it was a crappy day when nothing went right) and then came home to meet up with two of my buddies for dinner before our softball team meeting.

It was pretty interesting but one of my teammates looked at me and said "Girl, you have put on some WEIGHT" and I feel pretty damn self conscious about now. Granted...I'm nowhere near as skinny as I was around this time last year, and I have a little bit of improvements to do on ye old love handles, but I have been TRYING to gain muscle mass and put on a little weight. You can't really put on muscle AND get skinny at the same time. But I have been on a small diet for the past week (I splurged tonight and had fried food to try and get rid of this stomach ache I got from eating a me...that's the way my body works). I mean...I have to look at the source and the fact that, yes I'm not skinny anymore. I would like to at least think I'm "sturdy"...but perhaps that is me fooling myself? LOL :) I dunno...all I can do is work torward making myself happy with my body image. I'm not unhappy...but I know it needs a little maintenance.

Blah blah, you're probably thinking...and perhaps...but we're all our own worst critics...unfortunately sometimes too harshly. I hope I never get THAT mental about it. :)


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