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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nashville Tournament 2005

SO...where to start, where to start?

After the GWS things pretty much settled down (as much as they settle down when you've got batteries strapped to your arse j/k) and the GlowGoBoy has already been on YET another trip (sorry no photos yet). SO...I had been asked to be a pick-up player with another of the Hotlanta Softball League's teams, the Cowboys. I had always thought the guys on that team looked like they would be fun and so I figured I'd see if they'd be interested in having me along for a tournament in Nashville, TN. I had been chatting up this boy from Nashville and wanted to grab his butt...I mean...go out on a date. Since I was in the area, we set it up for the Friday when I got in.

So I took off early Friday morning thinking I could stop in at any outlet malls that were up I-75 from Atlanta to Nashville and buy "Stuff That I Don't Need (tm)" (one of my favorite pasttimes by the way). The drive was actually in the Beetle (yes...I know it's a super-gay car, shut-it) and we're zooming around corners up and down and through the mountains. F-U-N. Had an awesome soundtrack so that made it even better. Good music can make or break a roadtrip...let me tell YOU.

Anyway, so I arrive drastically early (because there were NO outlet malls on the way, poo!), checked into the host hotel, changed into my bathing suit to try and get some sun since I was by myself. Well about 30 minutes or so later a few guys came out (one or two cute ones even) and we exchanged "hellos" and "where are you froms". I had to leave and get ready for my hot date by taking a bath and watching a movie on my Sony Playstation Portable.

So I met Nashville in the lobby as he was being oogled by other guys (I instantly got the machete out to fend off the hyaenas) and we drove to this restaurant called "Sunset Cafe" I believe where we had an incredibly expensive dinner (for the portion size) but it was very VERY tasty. We finished off dinner with a "Chocolate Bomb" desert which was an appropriate name.

After dinner the Cowboys were going to this club called "Tribe" which I thought was a pretty cool bar. It reminded me of Atlanta's "Red Chair" that I do like to frequent. I did get a number of "Hey's" from the boys there...I gotta go back sometime :) and Nashville and I found a nice wall where we acted like HOs and made out a little bit. I felt like I was in my 20s again *sigh*. :) That didn't last long as I had to be up early to play in games so he drove me back to the hotel.

Saturday's games were early and we won one and lost one in the pool play of the tournament. I was playing catcher for my team (shut-it) and playing with these guys was alot of fun. They, however, had very little clues on how to cheer so yours truly along with another of my Wacker-mates tried to teach them. I can't say it was a was similarly painful to watching frat boys dance.

Luckily someone had brought a tent (it was a scorcher) and Nashville showed up to watch me play (aww) with my friend Yangtze. After the games I was sweaty and dirty and left my shirt with our coach who volunteered to wash it...needless to say Nashville loved it and took me back to the hotel to *cough* clean me up.

So that night the host bar was the "Chute" which is kind of a complex of bars. It has a club dance area, a country area (kinda lame), a drag show area (which was REALLY fun), and their Eagle is in there...altho for any Eagle I have ever been was not what I expected.

I got one of my Cowboy teammates REALLY drunk that the next day they put me into his position at shortstop. I love playing shortstop and I felt a wee bit I had poisoned him on purpose. But we played two games and then we were done having achieved 4th place of 5. We didn't care because we all had an awesome weekend (both on and off the field). I had a date with a really hot boy and I got to play softball and go clubbing with friends. How much more awesome of a weekend could I ask for?


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