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Monday, January 30, 2006

Hyperproductivity (It's the new word)

So I feel totally awesome about this past weekend. :) I feel like I accomplished ALOT.

Friday at lunch, my neighbor and I grabbed some chinese food and then replaced his wall outlets and disposal switch. Friday night I helped do an HSL sign-up (for softball coming in March). Saturday I pretty much spent the day with my neighbor/friend Nick. We went to Cost Plus World Market (amazingly I didn't find anything that I absolutely had to have) followed by lunch at Jason's Deli. Man...I could TOTALLY eat there every freaking day. Not only is it healthy's TASTY! Saturday late we went to the gym and really pushed the leg workout (my legs are still sore, but this is good because I don't want to be the guy with pulled muscles on the softball field) with a few hours of chilling on the couch after that.

I got bored around 9:45PM and decided to head out to Hoedowns for a few rounds on the dancefloor. Went there and got two of the biggest compliments :) Made me smile for the rest of the weekend.

The first was from this guy David who I used to dance with all the time (hadn't seen him in like a year) and he asked me "You know...I haven't seen you in awhile but you still look the same as you did seven years ago...what's your secret?" I had to laugh at this point because either he was saying that I looked older when I was younger or that I still look younger now that I'm older. :) I think I will opt for the second of those choices, eh? I just told him it was clean living, plenty of exercise, and laughter every day!

The second was when I was on my way out, I was picking up my jacket and this girl said "Hi" and I said "Hi" and smiled and she asked "So, I have to assume you are here for a reason." And I said "Um...what do you mean?" She said, "You like guys right?" to which my eyes lit up with a little laughter and I replied, "Afraid so." with a cheshire grin. She rolled her eyes and said "Dammit, all the cute ones ARE gay." and I just smiled really big and gave her a hug and thanked her for the compliment. I think that one will keep me smiling all week.

Sunday I woke up LATE (11:00!) and got my groove on to run some errands. Target for lightbulbs and then THREE (yes THREE) different department stores trying to find Levi 527 33x32's. And NONE of them had my size. I was/am completely disgusted by that. I am just going to say F-it and order them online. (Bitches.)

I will have to say this, I have chatted online with a few guys, gave them my phone number, and NONE of them have called. I am casting the line, but there obviously aren't any fishes in this ocean. *laugh* So, I just put on some Michael Buble and chill things out. Grab a cup of wine and dance with myself for awhile ;) I swear, the Universe has me in a "holding zone" or something. I feel like a crime scene with everything taped off with "Do Not Enter" (pardon the pun) :) Not complaining...well...maybe a little *laugh* I have plenty of stuff keeping me occupied. Billiard Team, Softball coming up, World of Warcraft, Home Improvements, and of course the well loved gymtime :)

I'm supposed to go practice pool tonight at Miss-Qs and I am totally looking forward to that. After two weeks ago's win...I think I am learning...slowly...:)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See those guys who didn't call... ARE LOSERS!... They just don't know what they are missin... And WARCRAFT ROCKS!

Nate :)

10:51 AM


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