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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Turning the lights on!

EEEEP! I just got done watching "The Ring" (from my new friends at and boy let me tell you! (yes I am behind and am probably the last person to see that movie, bitches) I have been walking around the house making sure there's a light on around me! *laugh* I might even leave the bathroom light on when I go to sleep!

So...I haven't heard from the guy I had a date with last weekend, I'm going to assume the best that he's just busy, but I did call him the next day and say I had a good time. I am a firm believer that if I'm going to chase you, you're gonna chase me back.

So work has become kind of a clusterfrell with all sorts of things being due and needing work at the same time. I really have got to perfect that cloning station. There is some discussion that I do need someone to actually work "with" on my projects because there is only one of me. I guess I have job security for awhile. >:)

BUT with San Diego and the NAGAAA Softball World Series coming up, I have little time to spare! I already started picking out the clothes I am bringing, and tomorrow I am going to pack them away. Talk about a 180 from my usual grab and slam packing strategy!

BUT alas, it is late and I still have to shave! Gotta run!


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