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Monday, February 06, 2006

Something I Found on the Hard Drive...

And no, it's not porn (I don't misplace that stuff!). Anyway, let me set the stage. Joined a new personals site (I figure I gotta cast the line somewhere or else I'll be an old spinster with major arthritis in his right hand) and posted a few pictures up there (of course a few of them are shirtless...I mean I have to put some bait on the hook right? :)

SO I get a message (a few weeks back) from this guy complaining about ME...check it out and my response (in the box):

And I was like WTF?!?!?! This guy is one of those "I want you to be 5'8 - 5'9 with BLONDE hair and a 27 WAIST who works out AT LEAST THREE DAYS A WEEK and is VERY MASCULINE, but not too much and between the AGES of 18 and 22" (I'm making these stats up).

You are totally going to find YOUR soul mate, Mister. *eyeroll* Man...just seeing that message pisses me off again. I mean, it's one thing if I know you, you can say whatever you want. But for a complete stranger to dis me to my FACE like that is plain rude.

Although I did think the whole thing was funny (in a disturbed way) in reality. And if you weren't aware, yes I have two piercings (right and left nipples) and two tattoos. And I want a third tattoo...I just have to figure the design out. But that's me. If you don't like it, then obviously I am not in your dating pool and please pass me by, but don't criticize because I did something to my body that you find unattractive (unless we are dating/partnered).

I joined MySpace today on the request of my friend/neighbor/workout partner Nick. It seems interesting but DAMN if it isn't overloaded with advertising. I guess it's gotta pay for itself somehow.

Today is a nasty nasty rainy sleety day (wish I had a cuddle buddy and a good movie) so I'm just chilling out and finishing up an art project I am making for a friend's housewarming:

Still feels like it needs a little something more...gotta grok on it for the next few days...


Blogger buff said...

Rainy days are great for extra cuddle buddy time.
About that nasty guys4men post, that dude is just too critical. You got the right to post whatever and however you want. It's a waste not to be specific. He's just pissed that he isn't your type.
Big hugs and continued success on your search.

7:12 AM


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