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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Two Peas in a Pod

And yet another big gap of time has happened since my last update! I'm sorry to report, I'm still madly happy with the new BF :) There was a time (as there always is with me) when I just was not sure...but funny enough, the truth (how ugly it is) boiled to the surface.

So D was having a VERY bad day and he dropped that he might have to move back to Dallas and I felt like I was physically shot with a .45. I actually teared up (and THAT was when I was DO have some feelings in here for this boy...)

So D is practically everything I have been looking for. And I'm not saying that to get into his good graces (he does read this blog)'s something we both have said already. Laughingly enough here was a conversation in the car:

Me: you like...chinese?
D: Yes, LOVE some chinese!
Me: OMG, me too!

Me: you like...italian?
D: Yes, pasta is irresistable!
Me: OMG, me too!

Me: you like...sushi?
D: Ew, that is GROSS!
Me: OMG, me too!

Me: friends have always told me that I just need to date myself...
D: OMG, me too!
In chorus: And now we are!

*laugh* I'm serious...that's just about how it went down. It's quite sickening how organic our relationship has been. It's like those favorite pair of pants that just hugs your a$ perfectly, you know the ones (, hooker). Well D is those pair of jeans :) We are both Pisces (which is supposedly a recipe for disaster LOL) and we both like sci-fi, cartoons, and the gym. I lucky can I get? Granted...I'm finding that it's definitely work, but you know...what worthwhile isn't?

We were talking on the phone the other day and he asks me, "Are we funny? Or do you think that we just think that we're funny?" to which I told him, "'s the latter I'm sure". Haha!

But last night was great, we went to see this movie:

It was pretty dang funny! I had recieved free tickets from an e-mail distribution list I somehow got on (no complaining on THAT spam!). It actually had a number of things I think that gay men (especially in Atlanta) need to hear (so go see it, bitches! LOL).

Work has been quiet what with the boss gone all week moving from Cali. I did manage to get a couple of project updates dropped on me with like a week deadline. Worked all day on one of them and it's not working as expected. Network routing is such a freaking bitch sometimes (but it pays them billz!)

Well, I'm off to rest for a bit before the gym! Things are going great! I'm taking D to my office picnic tomorrow...I think that's a pretty big deal for me. We'll see how it goes!


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