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Friday, August 11, 2006

I have a headache!

Universe, I hate headaches. :) With all these weather changes here in the south (there is a cold front moving in) I have a nice whopper of one. Sinis. Blech.

Life has been moving along at quite a crisp pace lately. David (the BF) and I both laughed yesterday at how busy we seem to be. And with both of us being somewhat structured people we decided to try to lay down some "lazytime" sometime soon. I know that I have alot of things going on all the time and it does require an additional helping of C&C (communication and compromise) which I think I'm handling pretty well. Having been single for so long, I got used to doing whatever it is the heck I wanted. Not much has changed. LOL :) But now it seems there are even more options, what with him being a much more social creature than I am. I think once I purchased my home...I really became a home-body.

So I asked David if I could post a picture up over e-mail and before he even read the e-mail he had called me asking me why I hadn't put a picture of him/us on the blog. So here it is!

Isn't he cute? And the best thing? He's HOT for me! LOL :) I really really really really (did I mention "really"?) like him. We're really good together physically (and HOW *wipes sweat off forehead*), intellectually, and emotionally. It's really nice to be able to lean on someone when I'm feeling a bit off and it's nice to be needed in return. And it's rare I can find someone to put up with me *laugh* :)

So today I had to take my car into the shop as the check engine light was on and I needed an oil change. And damnit all wouldn't you know that it's going to be $300 to get that thing fixed. Crapola and a half. *sigh* But...if I'm planning on driving to Mississippi to see Mom in two weeks, I don't want to break down halfway. That would blow the suckage even more!

I really can't complain otherwise. Actually, I can *laugh* But you know...that never did anyone any good. So I'm just going to grab what would have been my tattoo fund (this big bucket of quarters) and cash it in to put into the bank. I can always replace that money later with my raise in January (I wouldn't be getting it until then anyway...don't want to have to cover a new tatoo with this weather being so nice and sunny).

Maybe I can make a few pieces of art and sell them. I know I owe my sisters one a piece and I have most of the materials for that. Once I get them complete, I'll put some pictures online. :)

--- Update after posting this thing ---

So David comes in and reads this entry and then I said, "Come here and give me a hug..." expecting a little TLC...he starts kissing my ear and neck and I say (with my head in the pillow), "Did I mention I had a headache?". He says in a seductive voice, "You know what they say is good for that?". I pause briefly and venture, "Ibuprofin?" to which his colorful reply was, "Not that...what you need doesn't even come in a comes in BRIEFS!" to which I just responded with a giggle.


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