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Monday, January 07, 2008

Spring in Winter

My goodness! Today was a FANTASTIC day. The weather was about 70 degrees around the time I jaunted up to the gym for a workout with Nick (my gym partner). The college boys were out (too cool for shirtless yet, darnit) but the shorts and flip-flops were everywhere you turn. Too bad it won't last! Its still the middle of winter here, BUT it was a nice break from the crazy cold weather we have had!

For those of you that weren't aware, Gabby, the Super-Pug had a burst eyeball (that's that again). It is, however, healing nicely!

She's growing fast and is a nice lap dog. She does well sitting on your lap and just watching TV. is the time I have to try to house train her. UGH! It's been 10 years since I've had to do that! I had to Google for it :)

So Sean and I are talking. Its really tentative and delicate, and too soon to say anything either way. Just have to get through the fear I think :) Either way, I would always doubt if we didn't try it again. It's worth the risks I believe. I hope that we both give it a chance because I think what we have is good and worth being open to. We're taking it slow, which is good. I want him to have some space so that he can miss me ;)

I do have to admit, though. It feels a bit quiet around the house. I got really used to having someone to joke around with all the time. Today, I am spending time cleaning my spare room (it totally needs some help) and have some good 80s tunes blaring, filling me with some good energy.


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