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Saturday, March 03, 2001

March 3, 2001

So it's the day after my 27th birthday :) and I feel great. Sure it's rainy and nasty outside, but yesterday really was a wake up call. At my B-day party my apartment was so filled with friends I have really never felt so loved in all my life. It's a real good thing to know you have so many people in your life that they can barely fit in your apartment. For awhile I've been feeling alone a little, it's that small piece inside all of us that does indeed want to be part of something special...but I realized that I already AM part of something the form of all these lives that I exist in that I really care about and that care about me. It's a great feeling and a very nice wake-up call :)

I got some more candles (I'm going to fail the quiz because of the candles question...) Everyone got me a naked man birthday card...they know me WAY too well :) I also got a really cool set of "Scooby-Doo" playing cards, a Van DeGraff light (which is so kewl), a bottle of champagne (for when I next have a date maybe?), and a bottle of Alize'. If you've never had Alize' I highly recommend it.

I went and bought some new furniture today...cost a little penny, but it's very nice (Italian) and I have 2 years to pay it off so I can use that time to effectively work my bosses into giving me a nice raise (*grin*). It's a queen bed (with new mattresses), two end tables, an amoir (sp?) and a new dresser with mirror. I've been needing a new set for like the past two years and finally decided to bite the bullet. My old furniture is a hodge-podge of pieces begged, borrowed, and stolen throughout my college years. It's PAST time for a change ;) I'll just have to pull in the old feed-bag for awhile.

The tanning bed is doing me good. I feel so much more energetic and healthy. I tan easily (to my friends jealousy). :) Now to just work-out a little more in preparation for the summer.

The music for the new routine for the dance team is done, now tomorrow I'm going to work on the choreography. I have bits and pieces and a general overview, but they want it in writing :) I just hope I have enough dancers going to competition! They're dropping like flies! :)

I got some new clothes and a fresh positive attitude. There's no stopping me now! :)

My "Song of the Week" is Jon Secada's "Break the Walls". You should take a listen to it if you have the chance.


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