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Thursday, December 19, 2002

December 19, 2002

So...what happens when you get a little liqour in ya? Ya do Karaoke...that's right...yours truly was playing like a contestant on American Idol last night at the Red Chair... And the amazing thing is that I wasn't that nervous (could it have been the double margarita with a shot of rasberry pucker?). I sang Garth Brooks' "The Dance". I think I shocked Ruby Red because though I wasn't amazing, I wasn't horrible ;)

LOL. So everything else has been cruising along well as of late. I'm in the running to be the team choreographer again. I was told last night that I am a great dancer and a very good choreographer but that I sometimes need to count to 10. LOL. Which I know is true, but when you only have an hour and a half a week to get it done, you'd be pushy too! But I can take it to heart and work on being "nice and pushy". :)

Almost Christmas. I've got a few more things to buy (my best friend's and his BF, and my other best friend).

Going up north to where my sister lives this year, then coming back in to pick up my other sister, then going back up and then coming back to Atlanta by New Year's Eve. I've GOT to design our outfits for the night! (*grin*).

Gotta dash, got to get back to work and then organize our office lunch @ The Vortex.


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