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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

October 30, 2002

Hotlanta Hoedown 2002 is OVER! Phew. This weekend I was host to over 150 out of town guests for a country-western weekend with an Atlanta twist. The whole weekend started Thursday pretty much with working at the Sheraton Hotel in preparation for all our guests. Many of my friends from out of town appeared that night, which was highly encouraging for our first event in over 4 years.

So the evening at Hoedowns was a blast with two lessons and a performance by my new friend John Robinson. He's an incredible dancer and instructor (I've been taking mental notes on his styles).

Friday rolls around and I'm LATE! I didn't expect anything to really start happening until like after 12PM, but jeez. I had forgotten my cel phone (which was BAD) and though the day went pretty well there were a few bumps in the road.

Lessons began at 2PM and I got to be "DJ for a Day" at the Armory. It was way fun :)

Friday night was dinner at Las Margaritas and then a Bar Crawl. I wore a cute little devil outfit with glowing belt. Maybe I can dredge up a picture somewhere.

Running around organizing that bar crawl was like having a pack of energizers strapped to my ass. I was told that if it hadn't have been for Pepper and myself, it wouldn't have been as much fun ;) That was sweet (especially after I was called a "hostage taker" because I didn't get them to Hoedowns fast enough). I knew they wouldn't enjoy it as much as they believed until later since it's always packed anyway.

Friday ended as the after hours party began hosted by our friends from Southern Country Charlotte. I didn't drink too much and just crashed shortly after I got there. I did have to be up at like 8:00AM...

Saturday had lessons (I got to take like ONE) and I was able to take a short nap in the afternoon. We had a BIG ball that evening and my costume was a BIG hit. I will be posting pictures of it soon.

Sunday was rough because we were short on help, and the freight elevator broke causing my floor people to have to stay an additional day. When I got home to change and get ready for dinner I just started crying I was so tired. (I've taken two days this week off already. Thank goodness for that. I'm starting to feel normal.)

Monday morning I had to help move the floor in (lucky me I can get off pretty much when I need it).

Now things are going to settle into quietness for awhile. I think it will be good for me. I think I spent a lot of myself this weekend.

I did, however, promise ya'll a story about my 10-year high-school reunion yes? Well...that will have to wait until next time. I'm going back to sleep in a bit.


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