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Sunday, November 10, 2002

November 10th, 2002

So this weekend was WAY fun. (And what was up with me in the drunken stupor last entry?) LOL. Saturday I pretty much just lazed around the house and then... I went to dinner and hung out with my two closest friends in Atlanta and had dinner.

Not going out Saturday was a good idea. Though I really really would have enjoyed it, the games on Sunday were at 10AM (meaning I had to wake up at 8AM to start fixing my hair hehehehhehe) and I wanted the sleep.

We won our first game and that put our team (Go Heretic Outlaws!) in first place for the Fall season!

So what is today's topic? Well I was told a couple of things today that I thought were pretty interesting.

  1. "heya sexy-thang, how are you? Read your journal entry, tsk tsk, let B. go......."
  2. "Your confidence really does show though, you are a very nice looking guy. I think good looks go with a confidence level"
I guess I should address these ;) For number one, I was on liqour and have no defense ;) I honestly still wish I could get together with that boy, but I am also a realist. It's just not in the cards or he would have called or e-mailed me or something by now if he wanted to.

For number two, I was very flattered by this. However it brought to light the fact that I think my confidence turns into "bitch" too easily sometimes. I really need to work on that. This week, perhaps I can try to note the times when I think I am being a turd. LOL. I don't want to be a turd...however, when faced with silly argumentative people, it gets me in a tizzy. Almost instantly ;)

BUT...let's talk about more fun ME! Hehhehehe. This week seems like it's going to be relatively quiet. I miss my best friend as he's been way sick lately with a cold. I swear if I get it, I'm going to be pissy. Maybe I should take that multivitamin before going to bed huh?

So Christmas being right around the corner, I need to get off my a$$ and start shopping NOW. I don't want to have to worry about that $hit later.

So tomorrow I guess I'll work on my Christmas list and hit the shops! Woo hoo! If it's one thing I'm really good at, it's shopping :)


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