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Sunday, November 03, 2002

November 3rd, 2002

WHAT a week! Phew. Sad it's over. So this has been quite an active week! If I had any more in there, I think I'd be overextending myself. So yours truly has been partying for like a week. This lil bod is NOT used to that at all :) Today I think I'm going to crash early (don't fret, I've set the VCR on).

Went out last night to the Red Chair for a cocktail and met this guy S that I met online. He was cute, but not quite my type (smoker) but he was fun to hang around. After that I went to the Heretic and had a BLAST dancing and meeting all sorts of boys. Dunno what magic spell I had on me last night, but it was working. Maybe I can get a repeat "casting" next weekend hehehehe.

Today I played in two softball games, the first one we shut them out with a 17-0 win and the second went into overtime with us victorious 10-9. Woo Hoo! That (I believe) put us in first place in our division! Yay!

However that was not today's big revelation. Today's revelation comes to us courtesy of "Neverwood". If I recall the line correctly, it was something like "For every innocence lost, the universe gives us back something in it wisdom, insight, knowlege, or simply a perfect moment". I really don't belive I've ever heard a truer word spoken.

Sometimes I feel remorse over losing aspects of my innocence. Many of them are long lost through the trials of my life...but a few...a select few...I'd like to think I still have a grasp on.

Today my friend L and I were talking about his situation with guys. It seems there has been another flake in his life (story sound familiar? If not, read my previous journal entries) and I basically told him if he gets bitter, he's let them won. I doubt if he even realizes how much I like him. I'm not his type and our friendship would suffer so I'll never say or do anything in that arena. I know it's not a place I'm destined to go and I'm cool with that.

Everything's quiet on the man-front, so there's not too much to report there. I don't remember if I told ya'll but I did win like 0 in cash and prizes for my Halloween Costume. I've really got to track down some photos of that.

Until next time, ya'll keep it cool!


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