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Monday, July 12, 2004

Fourth of July in Columbus, Ohio

So I have lots to report on, but I'm going to save the BIGGEST news for the next post (I know you're breathless with anticipation!)

So Fourth of July weekend was spent in the grand city of Columbus, OH. I was in the area for the 11th Annual IAGLCWDC (look it up) country western-dance convention and competition.

Early afternoon on Thursday I was at the airport laughing it up with S who after I joked about being in the "bourgeois" section upgraded me to 1st Class (he's so sweet) while I was in the bathroom. :)

So we land in Columbus and it's pretty warm and dry (not humid like the ATL) and we hitch a taxi to our hotel. As I checked in, the desk girl noticed that my room rate was higher on Saturday so she checked and actually got me the lower group rate (which was SUPER awesome...go Hyatt!). I was staying by myself for the weekend (for some peace and quiet...or if I managed to get a piece and riot LOL!) and I went to my room to take a bath for a bit before dinner.

So S and I go down into the lobby later to go eat down the street to Union Station with HH. When we arrive in the lobby, a group of our friends from the team "The Othersiders" from Columbus, OH have congregated and I am surrounded by hugs from all these handsome boys :) Felt like they were playing "toss the Neon" (but different from the "toss the Neon" game I play by myself HEH! :)

So after eating a GREAT salad at Union Station we went up and down "short north" shopping at a variety of stores in which one, "Torso", I found a new and REALLY cool glow-necklace. This one is SUPER bright and annoying so of course you know I fell in love with it in an instant!!!

After shopping, we decided we needed to go by registration and get our packets and name badges. There we ran into H whom I had helped sell "dangles" for previously and she looked at me and said "I was wondering when you would get here, I need to know your schedule" to which I replied "I'm RETIRED, Helen" and she got all huffy and pretty much didn't talk to me the entire rest of the weekend and completely avoided me at all times. This is FINE with me...I try to help out a few times, but ended getting up treated like Cinderfella and being her bitch. I like H and in order to preserve what I considered to be our friendship, I had to stop working with her before I ended up saying something TRUE...but something I wouldn't take back.

Thursday night found us at their local "country" music bar (once a week) called "Wall Street". I got to hang around and see quite a few of my dance buddies and meet some new ones. It had been a long long day so we retired fairly early (and yes...alone :)

Friday I slept in and went to the gym early and then went to eat by myself. Not much happened during the day, I just moogled around waiting for the night's festivities.

Friday night was the first "official" nite of the convention with a big dance at the host hotel. Lots of two-stepping and line-dancing fun! Got lots of compliments on my cute outfit of retro paisley, corderoy flare pants, and my LA style cowboy hat (which I totally love). :)

City fireworks were that night and we went out and attempted to enjoy the show, but we had nasty buildings in the way for most of it until we moved even further down the street. A few conventioners were outside the hotel (two guys) resting on each other and this little straight boy standing behind them moved because I guess he thought he would get "cooties" from us gay folks and kept pointing at them and kind of laughing. I wanted to take him by the neck and wring it, but I just shook my head sadly and wondered when people will every really understand the words "humanity" and "empathy".

Saturday was the competition and there were some amazing performances. Our friends "The Othersiders" took overall with their routing which WAS flawless. The team from Florida, "The Rough Riders", had a cabaret routine based on "Queen of Denial" that was QUITE a production and I enjoyed that thoroughly. Had large pyramid props and this floating Cleopatra bed that had to have cost not only a pretty penny to create, but also to ship it to Columbus.

Saturday nite there was yet another dance, but I wanted to go OUT OUT so me, B>S our friends Lissa and "Spandex-T-man" made our way to "Tradewinds" which was a little dance bar across the street that made THE strongest drinks I've had in quite awhile. While there I actually met up with one of the guys from "Out In Columbus" website and introduced myself. The look on his face when I said "You don't remember who this is?" was like that of a bear getting caught with his hand in the honey. LOL! I told him it was "Digital Cowboy" and his face lit up with recognition (although I think he was pretty drunk so I was a little surprised HEHE).

Sunday's big event for the day was the "Stompers Show", a benefit for five of their sponsored non-profit groups. There were performances by (of course) the Columbus Stompers, the Columbus "Flaggots" (a flagging group that was VERY VERY awesome...LOVED it), and a couple of drag-queens that were JUST hilarious. Afterward was some open dancing but I wanted to get my groove on again so grabbed my friends and went to Tradewinds again.

While there I met a really cute guy (at least I thought he was cute) that we flirted with each other on the dance floor. He had one of the most genuine smiles I have ever seen and if anything, I'm a sucker for a big smile. He turned out to be 23 but MAN he found a couple of G-spots I didn't even know I HAD! LOL :) I'm telling on myself, but hey, it's not like you've never done anything like that, whore.

Returned to town on Monday afternoon and went RIGHT to sleep...

Want to hear the BIG BIG news now? TOUGH! You'll have to wait until the next post...but trust's EXCITING!


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