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Sunday, July 25, 2004 continues for me...

I'm feeling I guess that's as good a word as any. And I think that for might be the best word to use. As I watch the world around me move into alignment...I mean I am 30 years old, I'm starting to look for a home home, I'm fairly certain I'm progressing in my social life with the softball team is good.

I'm filled. :) But it's not FULfilled I guess. I'm filled with trepidation over looking for my new home. I'm filled with a little bit of wonder as I'm really curious what the Universe has in store for me. It seems somewhat important for me to try and divine that...perhaps to give me a better direction because I really have felt like I have been in some kind of limbo state.

I'm a little tired...more emotionally than physically. This house hunting (we went to see like 7 properties today) is rough on a body. We found some very nice spaces...but none of them felt like a HOME I guess. I'm sure that this won't be the ONLY place I will live *laugh* but it needs to feel like a home I guess. My mind still goes back to this two story townhome that we first looked at. Sure it's two exits more up the Interstate...but it felt like it could be a home. A little suburban yes...but thats actually kind of who I am...I just have to figure out if that's who I want to be. Buying a house is like picking a tattoo...except the tattoo costs less *laugh* I really really want my 3rd tattoo already...they ARE addictive.

Speaking of tattoo, had to go to the parlour to get my nipple ring beads replaced. I got these kind of flashy reflective looks like light blue tiger-eye beads in their place. Now that I know how easy it is to replace, I'm thinking of changing them every so often now...just to keep changing...change is good :)

Well the rain is coming down...and I am right now thinking how much I would like to just go and stand out in fact...though it's pretty damn silly...I'm going to do that. And then take a nice LONG HOT BATH :)


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