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Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Wack Pack is Back!

So that big news I promised last post is burning a hole in your brain, yes? :) Well here it is..."I saved a lot of money by choosing Geico"...well...just kidding!

Let me lay some groundwork before I actually reveal...last weekend, my softball team, the Woofs Wackers, was tied for first place in our division and we had the deciding two games on Sunday. Our games were EARLY in the morning, the first against the Jazz and the second against our "supposed" nemesis team, the Amigos D.

Having suffered defeat the previous two games because of over stressing, most of us decided to put on the "F*#!-it" attitude. Whether we go to the Gay Softball World Series or not, we wanted to have some fun. Tension was pretty much non existant. We had even had the previous day's practice very relaxed and geared torward mostly hitting the ball.

The Jazz is a really fun team to play and have some pretty good ball players, and beating them loosened us up for our next game...the deciding game between the good and wholesome Wackers (yay!)...and the cocky and self-aggrandizing Amigos D (boo!). (I'm very much kidding about the "boo!" because I have a friend on the team)

As we warmed up for the game, I placed my hands on the earth and spoke aloud to the Universe and this is what I said:

"I have always found my faith in the balances of Karma and energies to be true...but if ever my faith is to be confirmed...let it be today..."

Why would we potentially deserve to have Karma swing our way? Why shouldn't the Amigos D deserve it as much as we did? What I am about to write is simply my opinion and observances from the season...truth is subjective so take what you know and make your own this time I had to just sit back and see if the Universe truly was as balanced as I believed...

First off there were several times when our opponent "talked smack"...and in that there is a difference between "talking smack" and being a "complete and utter *&$@"...their approach was from the "complete and utter" school of thought. Second, we Wackers have always composed ourselves to be good sportsmen...our coaches would have our hides if we didn't...and so would our teammates. Because we were first in our seemed that we were now the "hated" team...which to me was mind boggling! We hadn't changed...we weren't braggarts...we just had fun and were fun to play against. I mean...sure we are pretty good, but there were no "shining stars" as our coaches would say. It was the mesh that created the team and our strength.

So the game began and right off the gate we scored, 1..2..3..4.5..! Woo! Unfortunately the next inning they scored 1.2.3...4...5! Boo! So it continued this way until about the fourth inning where we got a homerun when we needed it to bring the score to like 9-5. We kept our cool in the field and let a few scores in but then when at bat we kept hammering at them (the hitting fairy was on our side) to bring the score to 20-9 with about 0:30 on the clock with the Amigos D owners of the last bat and with TWO outs already.

If we got the third out, we would bat and then they would have last their first baseman (who is incidentally a girl and a VERY good ball player...but has some unfortunate personality flaws...mainly that she composes herself as a complete $#@%!) flubbed a hit on purpose in an attempt to get out at first so that they would get a bat again (wise strategy). Our pitcher picks it up and OVERTHROWS first...and I'm like for a second or two stunned because this was our coach! He overthre...wait..wait...that just allowed the timer to go out...umm...?

One minute later, we go the third out and the Wackers, are going to the Gay Softball World Series (again!!!)

How exciting is that? So now we have about 4-5 weeks to raise about ,000...the "Sugar Daddy Committee" (three of us) are planning and budgeting and organizing things so we can make our deadline. I am a bit "intense" as a friend of mine says and I lack some of the more "political savvy" of our I think I'm going to change some of my "tactics" and try a few new things to try and incorporate into my dealings with people on this event. I know I have a lot of growth and development in the leadership arena...time will tell.

So wish us luck! August 14-20th in Dallas, TX because we're going to play ball!


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