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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

THIS is supposed to be enjoyable!?!??!

*laugh* So I'm house hunting (or rather condo/loft hunting). So this process really really sucks :) I'm not poor, but I definitely can say I have diamond tastes on a blue-collar budget. I found this really cute and awesome space, but I'm really not willing to shell out THAT much cash on the place. I mean...that would like ruin my DVD budget! *laugh*

But after I calmed down (because I SERIOUSLY wanted the space) I am going to chill and look around some more. I'm sure that something super awesome will appear and I will be like "THIS is it" and have absolutely no doubt.

So if I could even remotely afford any of the 3rd floor lofts (I probably can't) at Dynamic Metals Lofts I would like totally be there. I really want a loft but I want one with enough space and ideally a second floor (or loft area) for my bed or my office space. Something will come up that I'll really love. Lofts are being built pretty much all over now so I'm going to wait and see. If you have some Karma to spare...send a little my way (just close your eyes and make like a mental gift) because in a way, hunting for a home just freaking sucks.

I slacked off today and only did about 1/2 of my workout routine so I'm feeling like a slack-ass! I was tired from the stress of running around thinking that I might actually be putting a contract on this one loft (which was a super awesome space) but really needed to be a lower price and I would have grabbed it.

Work is going really good. I have a new boss (because of a reorganization) and kind of a renewed interest in the projects that might be coming my way in the near future. I just hope I can tag into some of them...they're way complicated and will keep my gears churning for quite some time.

I need to get off my arse and learn object oriented PHP programming. I think I'll go buy a book on it. Our youngest (and latest hire) I am jealous of because that's how he codes and it really seems to make a good bit of sense...

I can't wait to get all this CRAP out of my house too! I have loads of shtuff that has been donated for a garage sale to benefit the Wackers (softball team) on our "Quest for the World Series" PLUS I have to put on my blue wig again and become "Neon'ce" and come up with a comedy routine and start practicing really soon! I have an idea of what I can do :) *evil evil grin*

So I am tired now and have probably gone zig and zag in my thought processes and you're thinking I'm psychotic...I'm really just tired and felt I had to tell ya'll ALLLLL about the HELLLL that is looking for a permanent (or semi-permanent anyway) home :)

To all of you that have successfully done this before...I raise my cap to you!


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