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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

And so my sex life is paperwork!!!

Well after searching high and low I have a house under contract. Now I have to find little pieces of obscure paperwork to get the financing and sign my sex life away.

But what do I mean by that? *laugh* Well let's just say my right hand was tired...and NOT from what it's usually used to. I guess I can claim all that was "training" for signing all the real estate papers and mortgage applications...they tell me that at's even MORE insane.

So it's in the works. Neon's first home! I'm so excited I'm already searching online for area rugs and light fixtures (Jeez I'm so gay)!!!

Work is going well...I've really started to feel overloaded...I'm on one too many high-profile projects (two of which aren't really high-priority) but not giving each project some TLC causes me headaches. Funny thing's not other people putting pressure on's myself. They just tell me to take one thing at a time. I just need to learn to listen *grin*

So this boy...who I want to call MLW but he demanded a different connotation so I will use JC out of respect (but secretly in your brain replace JC with MLW ok?)...and I were flirting on the internet and I sent him my phone number and what does he do? Sends me his and makes me call!! WEASEL! :) But you know me (or you should if you read ALL my journal entries...get to work! :) and so I called him. He seems like a sweet guy. Definite heart breaker material :) So we'll see. He specifically asked to part of what he calls "the alphabet club" *laugh*.

So I had a LONG LONG LONG day (had to work until 8) and I have to work early on Friday AND go to the dentist tomorrow...I'd LOVE to tell you more about my future house and plans...but that will have to wait. I'm BEAT!


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