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Monday, August 08, 2005

Did I even get a weekend?

UNIVERSE how time flies when you're having fun. I feel like this past week and weekend didn't even happen. Wednesday night this past week me and S went to see "Evita" at the Fox Theatre here in the ATL. I had won a couple of tickets (and OMG were they great seats) at our company picnic. I had seen the Madonna movie version but this one was much more aggressive as far as the characterization of Evita. I did enjoy it...I had forgotten how much I love live performances (concerts, plays, musicals, sporting events) so I vowed to attempt to attend more in the near future.

Friday night we had a birthday party for my friend JK at another of my softball mate's houses in a part of town called "Cabbagetown" (which in my mind reads "ghetto") :) It's not that bad, really, just very city I guess. I like my suburbia north if you know what I mean.

Saturday I had softball practice (in preps for our trip to the world series) and that afternoon I was supposed to have a date, but he had to postpone until that evening (which worked out well for me actually). So my friends laugh at how I meet guys on the Internet (the older ones feel it's sketchy) but this guy had e-mailed me and seemed funny and cute. When he got to my doorstep I wasn't disappointed :) He was incredibly fun to be around and he has those broad football player shoulders that I do so love. We started out on a scavenger hunt for a restaurant that wasn't crazy crowded. We went to a pizza place and then a taco place that was also just overcrowded so we settled on a nice mexican restaurant.

Afterwards we went to go see "The Island" which I totally enjoyed (and though he's not really into into sci-fi he liked Ewan McGregor so we were both happy) and when it was over we trucked back to my place and talked on the couch for like FOUR hours. We have very similar senses of humor and I think that personalitywise we are different enough to be dynamic but similar enough to potentially click.

I'm heading for San Diego for a week on Saturday and would have liked to have gone on a second date with him but I think time is going to be against me. LOL. It seems fate always likes to introduce someone interesting right before I go out of town. Well...I won't be gone forever >:)

This week should be pretty good at work, I have enough to keep me busy and I have enough softball preparations to keep me busy in the evenings. You know...picking out clothes WILL definitely take me a few days. And then I have to find a way to stuff everything into my suitcase and then I will get depressed that I have to take a few things out...blah blah you know the drill :)


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