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Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm so over painting...


So over that I have decided to say "Frell THAT" and take two days off. So instead I went out and about shopping. I bought a sweet red shirt with a bull head (like the Longhorn logo) and the words "Branded" on it (awesome for a night at Hoedowns!) and...A BOWLING BALL! Check it: was on...SALE! We like that! So I went to Sports Authority to go look and they had some 14 pounders that I was looking at getting but I saw this one (that they didn't have in stock in a 14) in a sale bin and it was a 12 pound ball for 50% off. I figure you can't go wrong with a $20 ball. Even if I don't like it, its not a total loss. But if I DO like it...that's a deal! I also picked up some bowling shoes and a bowling bag. I figure I would add a patch I have to the bag to personalize it. As I always say, "Just because you bought it that way, doesn't mean it has to stay that way!" :)

I have enjoyed this week off. I need to relax more often. Speaking of relaxing...I am going to take a nap! That's right...NO PAINTING TODAY, bitches. Tomorrow? Yeah...I'm needing to finish this off so I can just enjoy the room. One good second coat and some touch ups should do it...maybe...I hope ;)


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