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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting up at 5AM sucks!

I had to get up early today at 5AM for a server cut over. We have to sometimes do machine maintenance when people aren't using it. Thankfully, I had my new partner in crime there to catch a few things that were wrong and it made having to work that early almost bearable.

Thankfully, I got to go home early and take a nap. Now I'm contemplating if I have the desire to go to the gym. I'm a bit sad about a number of things...makes me not want to go :)

I've had a lot of time recently to think about the upcoming year. I've got to start making some goals for myself. I guess you could say that THIS New Year...I'm really going to try and stick with my resolutions. I should probably write them down...turn them into a piece of wall art so that they stare me in the face every day, forcing them to be acknowledged.

I had a big compliment today when talking to a friend. He told me that one of the things that drew him to me was that I don't care what people think and I "march to the beat of my own drum". *laugh* If I could count the number of times I have heard people use that phrase to describe me, I'd have my house paid off.

I was telling him that for some reason, over the course of the past few months, I had lost my self-confidence and for some strange reason...I feel like I let go of my self-worth. It's the strangest thing to look back on myself in recent history and wonder "Who WAS that person?" I feel like I'm at a crossroads. I am looking forward to rediscovering the world with what feels like a new set of eyes...acquired wisdom...whatever you want to call it. I guess I need to figure out what to do with all this energy. It lacks focus right now. But I also think that it's not the right time to do anything with it. Just see what events transpire around me for awhile. Enjoy riding my bike without holding on to the handlebars. That kind of thing.

On a less enigmatic front, I sold 8 lights total now and got a nice down payment for my Wii (if I can ever find one of the little buggers). I have a few ideas on how to make some different "models" that I can sell during the "normal year". I just have to find an easier way to drill the glass LOL :) Let me tell you...drilling that glass is a pain. But it keeps my mind off of a few things.


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