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Monday, December 18, 2006

Impending Holidays!

Well my Christmas holiday shopping isn't over yet damnit! My sisters are just about the most impossible things to shop for. I have been out two weekends in a row looking for something and I am just about down to sending them money. I went ahead and sent the niece's and three nephews their Christmas Cash.

I have two pieces of artwork that I did that each of them gets one. I will have to take a picture of them and post them on the site once the second one is complete. I may try and go ahead and squeeze one more out of my arse and send each of them :) I have to wrap one tonight up.

I so totally do not want to be at work anymore today. I am finding it really hard to concentrate (hence my blog offering). But on my way home, I am going to hop into the tanning bed and then go to the gym late today (if I get all my work done). Otherwise I'll just tone up at home.

I learned that I have to start eating more. I have lost like 10 pounds in the past six months. I am thinking that I have stressed myself out about so many things and I was overly concerned with what I was eating. I'm still eating healthy, just allowing myself to have a few more carbs and sugars. I think my metabolism (thankfully) is just so high. If I want to put on muscle weight again, I have to EAT! :)

I haven't really been sleeping well lately either...I just need to find my center again. I may take a trip down to the beach or something after the New Year. Get some rays...commune with the water a book. I think that might be exactly what the Doctor ordered.


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