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Friday, December 22, 2006

Last Day of Work for Awhile...It's Party Time!

So today is my last day at work for about a week and a half :) I'm one of the few guys in town so hopefully (cross fingers) nothing breaks :)

I have a number of projects that are on my docket to complete over the break:
  1. Paint my spare bedroom/playroom (going to be a nice warm grey tone)
  2. Finish 2 art projects and mail them out for my sisters
  3. Repair my staircase (it's been kind of in disrepair for awhile! I'll take pictures)
Hopefully we get to leave early soon. :) In the meantime it's mostly office small talk and hanging out. I can't get pieces of this code I am working on to work because I don't think I quite understand the module that my coworker wrote LOL :) It can wait until the new year.

I have an old buddy of mine making a stop over to crash on his way to visit his family up in Nashville, TN. I figure we may go out on the town...depends on if he's being a tired bizatch after all that driving from Orlando, FL.

But hoping to get the house clean later today and do lots and lots of laundry. EXCITING times for the Glow-Go-Boy.

I'm finally starting to feel a bit more "normal" as far as my heart is concerned. Its funny how you get used to someone being around. There's still an empty space, but its filling itself in, much like a rip in the time-space continuum does self-repair. I have been doing some reading up on a few "relationship" things as well as further reading on "control issues". Trying to educate myself, evaluate my own behavior, and make some changes. I feel better about some things that occurred that I honestly had some doubts on. Talked with a few people, some just friends, others professionals. What is life but a big learning experience for our next lives, eh? (If you subscribe to that line of thought)


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