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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

March 13, 2002

Today was a LOT of work...but fun. I don't think I've ever felt like I'd been working 14 hours when it was only about 8... But we've all had those days. I was leaving the office with a giddy giggle in a tired haze of total brain fart.

So I came home and watched an episode of Queer as Folk. Then I worked on the website for the Hoedown in October ( and then ate dinner and watched more Queer as Folk.

I could really relate to the last episode, David had asked Michael to move in with him and Michael wasn't ready. The last thing David said to him was "I don't want a boyfriend...I want a partner".

I think right now I'd setting for a date. *laugh* I'm beginning to wonder if it's ME that's one of those guys that's a 6 looking for an 11. I'm picky, but shouldn't we be? So I'm going to write a new Essay: What I Want it a Boyfriend and post it. I think maybe writing this down will help me know it when I've found know?

But I'm back to square one on searching for a new car. There's just NOTHING out there that says "ME"...but then again...most things that say "ME" either glow in the dark or come in grape or orange flavors say "ME". *grin*


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