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Sunday, March 10, 2002

March 10, 2002

Geez, how hard it it to buy a car? *laugh* I thought it would be easy, but they can't find either major color I am wanting... All I want is an Isuzu Rodeo Sport soft top V6 with the preferred options package in either Atlantic Blue or Red and it looks like I might just be out of luck.

So this weekend was a good weekend :) I went out Friday night to Burkhart's and then Hoedowns and then the Heretic.

Saturday afternoon was spent at a cookout for my new softball team, the Outlaws, and Saturday night me and S&M hung out at the Red Chair and watched videos (and of course boys!).

There were a couple that seemed interested, but no pursuers. Oh well...their loss :)

This should be a pretty busy week for me as I have a lot of work and extracurricular activities all with "things to do".

I officially moved over to my new website even though most of the journal entries aren't moved yet. I figure I can do them about 5 a day and get it done fairly quickly. Then I have to get the galleries in order and I'm all set.

Wish me luck on the car...going to call Florida tomorrow and try and find one.

I would like to thank all of you that are reading these entries and sending me e-mail with comments. Thanks for making cyberspace seem friendlier.


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