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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

October 15th, 2002

I thought I had a fear of heights, but looking down from Cloud #9 really doesn't seem that scary this time. Maybe it's because I've already fallen off a couple of times and I know it's really not that far to the ground... It all started innocently (don't laugh) enough at the Heretic. I'm dancing and an aquaintance, P, was dancing near me and I said "Hi" and we exchanged pleasantries. Little did I know that the guy next to him was remotely interested. It's kind of hard to tell on the floor. I needed another drink so I headed to the bar and shortly after left.

So I get a QM from P and he asks me about the guy that I remembered vaguely that had been dancing near us. I told him to feel free to give him my e-mail address and website. He did...and that's when B started e-mailing me.

So we're e-mailing back and forth and apparenly at the time, I was not very forthcoming with interest...I mean, I honestly could only vaguely remember and I am just wary of guys in general. I can't "read" an e-mail's aura.

So we're talking for two weeks and again (surprise!) I'm out at the Heretic and who walk over and introduces himself? That's right...B,

Holy sheep-shit, Batman! This boy is FINE. I'm like almost in shock that he's interested in me...I mean, I don't think I'm like a dog, but WOOF! Who stole his bifocals because I need to thank them!

So we dance, and I drive him to his car and we was very relaxed. No airs or snootyness or someone just trying to get into my pants. I felt very comfortable with him. And I asked him for a date and he said "Yes" and I had to have had the biggest smile on my face going home. If I'd have gotten pulled over they'd have to think I was on something.

So we had our first date last night. I cooked "Chicken Yummies" and baked beans (he liked the chicken but I think the beans were too spicy for him). Okay, I know it's cheesy, but I like "7th Heaven" on the WB...and so does he. So we watched that while eating dinner and drinking this great red wine (that I'm usually not a big fan of, but this was good).

I swear, before he came over, I had to down a couple of peptos my stomach was twirling so bad. It's twirling right NOW and I'm not even on a date!

After dinner we started watching "The Mummy" but I got distracted...

Fast forward to now. I'm booked up until NEXT WEEK! ARG! Bad timing?!?!?! I'm headed out Thursday to go home for my 10th High School Reunion...

I know he's going to read this, and I can't censor what I need to write for me. So hopefully this next part doesn't get me into any trouble, it's how I feel...

He thinks it odd I think that I trust my instincts about him so. I mean, yes, I have only known him a couple of weeks but I don't consider myself a desperate man. I have my head twisted on correctly (I think) and my heart, though guarded by some serious borders, thumps deep anytime I talk to him with a nervous energy (maybe he's a new form of ephedrin...;) I've been on some dates...but I haven't felt this giddy about someone in quite some time...

I'm hyped. I'm on Cloud #9. How often does an incredibly handsome guy with (what I sense to be) an amazing heart come into your life? I'll tell you...NOT OFTEN. The warring parts of me, the intellectual vs. the emotional are quite a spectacle to listen to. It's like an episode of Ally McBeal (except I don't get to wear mini-skirts to work ;)

And so I go forth to learn about this person that the Universe has thrown into my fateline. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I've been wrong before. But if I'm right, maybe I'll have that best friend and lover wrapped into one that I've been keeping an eye out for. And this one? Trust me...I'd be a fool not to try.

Wish me luck and I'll keep you updated!


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