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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

July 16th, 2002

Quit yelling at me already ;) I'm updating this damn journal. Well folx, lots has happened, some good, some bad, mostly good. We probably should talk about my trip to Norfolk, VA for the 9th Annual Convention of the International Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs (IAGLCWDC or "ig-gle-kwih-dick")... July 4th found my ass destined for a plane bound for Norfolk, VA. After arriving at the airport early, I found my friend J waiting at the terminal. He had missed his flight the night before and had spent all evening at the airport. Bummer! A semi-nervous airline passenger among others, the flight (thank goodness) was uneventful.

Thursday night was a dance (country-western style of course) and then the always fabulous after hours party. It was way fun hanging out with my friends from around the country and pushing our hoedown here in Atlanta in October (see

Friday was spent mostly by the pool lounging with the other attendees. This REALLY hot guy Sam from Columbus was there in his white squarecut swimsuit. Woof.

Friday night was another dance (can you western style) twirling around with all my OTHER friends that had arrived that day.

I've pretty much determined I don't go to take the classes, I go to see all the people that make being part of the organization fun.

HOWEVER, watching the competition Saturday was fun. The team from Atlanta which my friend Tim is choreographer for really did well. Southern Line Atlanta always has found its niche in competing "under the gun" as it were. I was very impressed with their showing and I think that it was one of the more entertaining pieces of the competition.

Saturday night I was going to try and go out on the town but decided it would be more fun to stay at the hotel and I was right. My friends there put me BACK on the wagon with a coffeecup or two of Cowboy Cocksuckers. If you've never had one, I suggest you have several as they will FRELL you UP (and they are mitie tastie).

Sunday I tried to get a flight on Monday, but arrived at the gate too damn late to get a bump. My friends that had stayed apparently had the BEST time (and incidentally got bumped twice and made like 0 in airfares...those bitches!).

My Mom is here tonight but will save that story for's interesting.


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